Industrial Enclosures

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A safe haven for valuable industrial equipment

Enclosures and small scale shelters are a prime requisite in industries. These sturdy spaces house the most significant equipment and goods. EPACK manufactures the best industrial enclosures in India and supplies a wide range of enclosures that are suitable for diverse industrial requirements. We offer the highest quality standard and custom-made industrial enclosures that are a suitable solution to meet all the storage requirements in a manufacturing facility.

EPACK has a vast experience in manufacturing enclosures for industry sectors. We strive to serve the customer with the most suitable solution that caters wide industrial applications. Supreme quality of material and precise engineering makes the industrial enclosures from EPACK the best ones in market.

Best-in-class industrial enclosures features 

EPACK, the top industrial enclosures manufacturing company in India offers an unparalleled experience with state-of-the art enclosures that are the perfect pick for a variety of applications. Standard, custom made or modified, there is a solution for all and we tend to fulfill every requirement of our valuable clients.
Following are the features of the top industrial enclosures manufactured by EPACK:

  • Extremely durable with superior material usage
  • Steel structure with solid construction
  • Easy integration of equipments and wirings
  • Best suited for heavy duty industrial applications
  • Diverse design options as per customer requirements
  • Great for housing and protecting valuable equipments
Industrial enclosures manufacturing technology 

EPACK, the best industrial enclosures manufacturer in India employs a precise design and production process and delivers the top industrial enclosure solutions. Our manufacturing process is an array of mechanical perfection with a superior choice of materials to deliver unmatched results in the sector. An extremely durable structure enveloped in the most advanced panels makes these enclosures the best ones in market and a favorite choice for industrial applications. Being the top industrial enclosures supplier, EPACK strives to deliver customer tailored solutions that are suitable for even the most challenging environments.

Wide range applications 

With a robust design and flexible design, there are a myriad of purposes that the industrial enclosures serve and suit. From housing essential equipment to being a protective shelter for valuable goods, following applications make industrial enclosures an undeniable requirement with limitless benefits:

  • Material Handling
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural
  • Chemical / Utility
  • Machine Tool
  • Refineries
  • Baking / Dairy / Beverage
  • Printing
  • Automotive
  • Automation Control
  • Power Plant
Benefits with EPACK 

EPACK is a brand synonymous with quality and precision. Every product offered speaks volumes of perfection and is a testament for the company’s ethos of delivering the greatest customer satisfaction. The company is well known for manufacturing industrial acoustic enclosures that are a boon in the sector and a major requisite for manufacturing facilities and industries.
These industrial enclosures come with the following benefits:

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Durable and rock-solid construction
  • Fire resistant and leak proof construction
  • Serves for an extended life span
  • Easily modified and customized enclosures
  • Modular enclosures are smart with endless utilizations
  • The liftable enclosures from EPACK are corrosion proof and impact resistant

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